RTS Credit

RTS Credit Service provides all the information you need to make smart, calculated business decisions for your trucking company. Factoring company RTS Financial collects credit and days-to-pay data on thousands of brokers and shippers. RTS Credit condenses that information into an easy-to-use format, helping you quickly select the right clients and business partners for your company.

Advantages of RTS Credit:

  • Simple, easy-to-use rating system
  • Current days-to-pay information
  • Ratings on more than 50,000 brokers and shippers
  • Easy tracking of ratings and other information on companies you work with regularly

Credit Data as Easy as A-B-C

RTS Credit’s simple but highly accurate letter-grade rating system helps you immediately identify a company’s financial dependability. The reports are updated daily, eliminating the risk of your company working with a business that cannot pay.

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