Broker Credit Ratings FAQ

Our broker credit ratings provide our carrier network with real-time credit data on more than 70,000 brokers and shippers.

See below for answers to frequently asked questions about your RTS Credit Rating.

How is my credit rating calculated?

Our credit ratings are primarily derived from first-hand payment experiences compiled by our factoring company, RTS Financial. In addition to this payment information, we may consider available financial statements, bank/trade references and additional information from the FMCSA.

Why am I even in the system?

Every shipper or broker with an MC number registered with the FMCSA is automatically uploaded to our database and initially given an “N” rating, meaning they are not yet rated.

Is an N rating bad?

No. An N rating is considered factorable for many of the carriers in our network and is not indicated as good or bad. The “N” rating simply means we have not yet received the number of required closed invoices to establish a rating.

How can I establish my credit rating?

To establish an RTS Credit Rating, we require a minimum of three invoices paid to RTS Financial’s factoring clients. Shippers and brokers can begin the process by filling out the credit application below. This information helps RTS Credit better determine your credit rating for our carrier network.

Will you tell your carriers to work with me?

It is important to know that RTS Credit does not advise its carriers on whether to take loads from a shipper or broker. Instead, our credit ratings are a tool that indicate risk depending on how many days it takes a shipper or broker to close invoices with RTS Financial.

What do the credit ratings mean?

  • N means no credit rating has been established. To establish an RTS Credit Rating, we require a minimum of three paid invoices with RTS Financial’s factoring clients.
  • A is excellent. Payment average is at net 21 days or faster and/or RTS Credit has received strong financial information.
  • B is above average. Payment average is at net 21 days or faster (plus mail time).
  • C is average. Payment average is at net 30 days (plus mail time). We consider this to be the industry standard and our most common rating.
  • D is below average. Payment average is after net 30 days through net 45 days (plus mail time).
  • F is poor. Payment average is after net 45 days (plus mail time).
  • I is ineligible for factoring.

We update our credit information daily to ensure accuracy. We constantly review our credit scoring practices to make sure our reports are as detailed as possible and reflect any changes in the industry.